Creating Voices

This lesson plan by Teacher Trailblazer Lyndsey Chand takes an in-depth look at Enshia Li’s ‘unwritten letter from my great-grandmother to my great-grandfather, 1930’, a winning poem in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2017. This resource contains activities for KS4/5 to take place over the course of several lessons and develops students’ skills and confidence when dealing with unseen poetry as well as writing their own poems about their own family history.

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For more activities around prose poems, see Enshia Li’s Young Poets Network challenge

Foyle Lesson Plan: Poetry, mythology and fairy tales

Katherine Whittington explores the reinvention of classic myths and legends in poetry using Foyle winner Isla Anderson's poem about Prometheus. At a glance: mythology, fairy tales, rhyme, structure, writing in another voice. 


The Art of Translation: Making New Versions of Mexican Poems

Don Cellini introduces students to the process of translation, and shows them how to translate themselves using poems by Pedro Serrano. At a glance: translation, descriptive language, imagery, sound.


A journey through the senses

Pupils are encouraged to use their senses and develop an original approach to their writing.  At a glance: the senses, redrafting, language play, feelings and emotion, patterns.


Simile and metaphor

Stephen Knight uses a poem written by his class to teach simile and metaphor. At a glance: simile and metaphor, the sea, conceit poems, redrafting, nature.


Free writing

Dorothea Smartt uses her own poem to encourage students to write with fluency and without self-censoring. At a glance: free writing, experience, redrafting, iambic pentameter, confidence.


Messages from the heart

Chrissie Gittins uses her poem to explain to students the different between fantasy and lying in writing. At a glance: Ancient Egyptians, history, experience, list poems, redrafting.



Mario Petrucci encourages writers to edit and redraft their work. At a glance: short poems, redrafting, riddles, the senses, reluctant writers.