Sharing the Gift of Hope at Christmas

Poet Clare Pollard guides you through a brand new festive poetry lesson on the theme of hope. Pupils will learn about personification, writing letters, metaphors and similes, all while gearing up to writing a hopeful poem inspired by Clare Pollard's 2019 Christmas Tree poem 'The Gift'. Perfect for KS1 and KS2!


For added inspiration, don't forget to read Clare's poem 'The Gift', commissioned as part of The Poetry Society's annual Look North More Often programme

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6 Ways to Look at The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Discover this new KS3-4 teaching resource on the 2019 National Poetry Day theme of 'truth', written by Michael Donkor, a teacher, author and former Foyle Young Poet.


Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

In collaboration with the Watts Gallery and their exhibition Christina Rossetti: Vision and Verse we are exploring one of Christina Rossetti's most famous poems Goblin Market. This resource is designed for A Level students. Topics at a glance include sisterhood, consumerism, Marxism, feminism and literary critical theories. Written by Romanticism expert Dr Bethan Roberts with additional support from The Poetry Society and Watts Gallery. 

Download the Christina Rossetti A Level Resource

Picture this

John Glenday discusses how using images – prints, portraits, photographs, even objects – can be a wonderfully effective source of inspiration for writing poems. At a glance: art, creating characters, quick exercises. 


The art of remembering by heart

Steve Tasane encourages learning poetry by heart as tool for building confidence, speaking and listenig skills, and enjoyment of poetry. At a glance: learning by heart, performance, quick exercise, sound, storytelling.


Intensive writing

Peter Samson helps pupils practice observational writing by letting details speak for themselves.  At a glance: art, imagery, poetry of place, quick exercise, using adjectives.