Sharing the Gift of Hope at Christmas

Poet Clare Pollard guides you through a brand new festive poetry lesson on the theme of hope. Pupils will learn about personification, writing letters, metaphors and similes, all while gearing up to writing a hopeful poem inspired by Clare Pollard's 2019 Christmas Tree poem 'The Gift'. Perfect for KS1 and KS2!


For added inspiration, don't forget to read Clare's poem 'The Gift', commissioned as part of The Poetry Society's annual Look North More Often programme

Creating Voices

This lesson plan by Teacher Trailblazer Lyndsey Chand takes an in-depth look at Enshia Li’s ‘unwritten letter from my great-grandmother to my great-grandfather, 1930’, a winning poem in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2017. This resource contains activities for KS4/5 to take place over the course of several lessons and develops students’ skills and confidence when dealing with unseen poetry as well as writing their own poems about their own family history.

Download this teaching resource

For more activities around prose poems, see Enshia Li’s Young Poets Network challenge

Postcard Poems

Explore the National Poetry Day 2016 theme of 'Messages' with this resource for primary schools. Using Diana Brodie's poem 'Gap Year Letter from a Five-Toed Sloth', create strange and wonderful postcards from imaginary characters and exotic locations. 

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Honour and belief: The Battle of Agincourt

Alf Wilkinson takes the lives of ordinary soldier as inspiration for an exploration the detail of a famous battle and the world it was fought in. This resource was created to accompany the Agincourt 600 Poetry Competition. At a glance: history, journeys, letter poems, voice.


Clothes that escaped the Great War

Poet and teacher Patricia McCarthy takes us through her National Poetry Competition-winning poem 'Clothes that escaped the Great War'. This resource explores a modern poet's take on the First World War, analysing the poem, and leading to an opportunity for your students to write their own responses.


Postcards home

Paul Hyland uses postcards as way to fire pupils' imaginations about important places, special people and strong feelings. At a glance: letter poems, short poems, imagery, writing in another voice, poetry of place.



Mandy Coe uses her poem 'Tiny'  activity to encourage pupils to explore the idea of perspective in their writing. At a glance: the senses, structure, letter poems, experience, scale, perspective.