Photo of a 1980s style cinema

The Power of Memory and Association

Teacher Trailblazer Gagandeep Chaggar guides you through teaching 'God in 80s Movies', a Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2018 winning poem by Em Power set in 80s films. Includes: close reading, writing your own film-inspired poem, and a note from the poet herself. Download

Does this smell like a good poem?

This lesson plan by Teacher Trailblazer Joanne Bowles  involves exploring some of the ideas in Cyrus Larcombe-Moore’s poem ‘my ghost’ (see page 8 of this resource), one of the winning poems in the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2016.


National Poetry Day 2014 primary resource

R is for… Reading out loud. Experiment with reading poems out loud in fun and different ways to help children build confidence reading poetry out loud.


WWI Poetry and the Home Front (Primary Level)

Using Marian Allen's First World War poem 'The Wind on the Downs', and Linda Hughes' new animation, we explore the poetry of those people left at home during the First World War.


Foyle Lesson Plan: A Feast of Words

Using a poem from Sala Fadelallah, Ramnika Sharma explores found objects and lines to inspire poetry writing through group and pair work.  At a glance: poetic devices, unseen poem, speaking and listening, skills, descriptive language and cultural traditions.


Favourite things

Activities using Barry Turrell's poem 'Lauren' to support pupils in writing their own poems about their favourite things. At a glance: feelings and emotion, friends and family, playing with language, memory, patterns


Physical poetry

John Siddique introduces writing about physical memories using poems of his own and some by Ted Hughes. At a glance: the body, memory, dance, drama, Ted Hughes.


Poetry as eulogy

Ashley Smith uses a poem by Phoebe Boswall to inspire writing a poetic eulogy. At a glance: memory, the sense, friends and family, alliteration, literary heritage poets.


Inspiring creativity

Anjum Malik's workshop uses music to turn writing into a physcial activity by helping students relax so their minds can create thoughts and ideas. At a glance: music, memory, drama, group poems, performance.


Poetry passport

Pauline Stewart enables children to create poems that imagine themselves in another life.  At a glance: experience, identity, friends & family, memory, short poems.