Drawing of a brown bird holding a lit match in its beak

Eco-poetry National Poetry Competition writing resource from Pascale Petit

Explore two National Poetry Competition prize-winning poems that address ecological themes with poet, teacher and former NPC judge Pascale Petit.

This resource was commissioned by The Poetry Society as part of the 2020 National Poetry Competition. We recommend this resource is used for KS5 and older.



Climate Change and Adventures in Writing

Helen Mort uses Romantic poetry as a springboard into exploring climate change and poetic landscapes, discussing images and key texts to build towards the final ‘challenge’: a self-portrait poem. 


Nature and wellbeing in poetry

This resource provides the basis for an understanding of nature and wellbeing in poetry, and encourages pupils to use their senses to interpret the world around them. At a glance: nature poetry, sensory imagery, personification, metaphor, haiku. 


Vanishing Acts: Poetry and Climate Change

This resource uses poetry to tackle the issues around climate change, and encourages students to bring personal and universal issues together in a way that is detailed and original.


Tackling climate change

Created in partnership with climate change organisation Cape Farewell Karen McCarthy Woolf uses Elizabeth Bishop's poem to help students think and write about what is important to them. At a glance: nature, loss, climate change, list poems, poetic forms.